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kvc123 12-09-2010 09:04 PM

Stuttering while driving
87, 4.2L, Nutter Bypass, Motorcraft 2100 carb, electric choke, headers,
stock mechanical fuel pump.
When the gas tank is full to 1/2, it runs fine. As soon as it gets around a 1/2 tank I feel a slight stutter like it's not getting gas for a brief second. It then gets worse as the fuel level gets lower until it gets to 1/4 and starts lurching like I am letting off the gas, stomping down, letting off, stomping down. Now here's the really strange part, when I push on the gas pedal it feels like it wants to die, but as I'm letting up, it seems to accelerate and the rpms actually pick up. Then I can fill the tank and it will drive fine again.
Anyone got anything? Cause I am stumped on where to even begin. out there?

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