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Lawngnome 12-15-2010 05:53 PM

How to patch a hole in my exhaust?
Hello all! I have a growing problem. The part of my headers where they come to geather into one condensed pipe for the exhaust has a hole and is slowly growing. As of right now its about the size of a dime if a dime were an oval. Unfortunately I am not in a financial position where I can fork over $600 or so to get them replaced. So my question to you all is, is there a some sort of exhaust patch putty or other inexpensive quick fix that I could use as a temporary fix till I have the ability to get the problem taken care of? I knew there was a hole but I was finally able to locate it this morning before work. Its also killing my gas mileage I'm down to about 10mpg, probably because its upstream of the O2 sensor.
Thanks in advance:)

TjTheo 12-15-2010 05:58 PM

Take it off and get it welded, i did mine for 20 bucks. I tried all the puttys and glue and everything else and none of it sealed it off. wasted more money on shenanigans trying to fix it than i actually spent on the weld.

Lawngnome 12-15-2010 06:38 PM

Ok, so update. I just went out to get a closer look at it and I'm going to need new headers atleast. Where the headers combine into two pipes, just before they merge into one is where the hole is. There is a small hole but looking closer the pipe with the hole is actually broken and off center so I dont see much hope in patching this up. If I am going to have to fix my crap rusted out exhaust system I might as well completely replace the whole thing and have it done right. I would love to do this myself but I do not have the time or know how to weld. Any ideas what a complete system will cost?
So much for new tires and and suspension lift this spring:banghead:

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