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cherokeekid 12-04-2005 08:16 PM

Lock-Right No slip
D35 no slip locker by richmond, this is a lunchbox locker but is upgraded vs from the lock-rite, less clanging and banging. comes with hardended cross shaft.

$200 obo

NY94YJ 12-04-2005 08:45 PM

Is it New?

cherokeekid 12-05-2005 12:05 AM

has about 5,000 miles on it, looks brand new except for a bit of residual gear oil. bear in mind this isn't the "lock right" it is the richmond gear/powertrax "no-slip"

NY94YJ 12-05-2005 06:26 PM

Wasn't in a 93 was it? Catalog says there is a difference for some or most 93's.

Why was it removed?

Sorry for all the Q's........ But I am a little interested and if anyone else is they will prob ask too.

cherokeekid 12-05-2005 10:35 PM

It came out of a 94 open diff YJ, I bought a front and rear from a guy who had them in a rig for about 5,000 miles, he put in a 9" currie (IIRC) and was putting a waggy 44 front in. not really sure what his thinking was the thing was only running 30" ats.

It might as well be brand new.

zakkbowman 06-23-2006 05:03 AM

so it will work on my '94?

with the 3.73 gears?

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