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jeep wrangler 12-17-2010 10:41 PM

trackbar question
I have the jks set the same as factory trackbar.
My question is when they do a 4 wheel alignment the shop will adjust this and the front anyway. The lift is ome 2 1/2 with jks trackbars and adj control arms

Thanks for the help.

jeepjones 12-18-2010 02:43 AM

Most alignment shops do NOT adjust the track bars or any other aftermarket parts on a vehicle, they will only adjust the toe in/out on a jeep to factory specs. The rest has to be done by you or a 4x4 shop familiar with the equipment you have.

jeep wrangler 12-18-2010 10:58 AM

Thank you.
I think I am good but kinda wanted someone else to check my work.
Virgin trackbar adjuster.

Jerry Bransford 12-18-2010 11:12 AM

The track bar length is very easy to set and no, the alignment shop will not adjust it.

To set the track bar length, it's darned near automatic. Disconnect the track bar from where it is mounted to the passenger-side mount on the axle. Stand on the bumper and jounce the front-end... jump up and down on the bumper. That will allow the coil springs to center the Jeep over the top of the axle. Then adjust the length of the track bar so it lines up with the mounting bracket and the bolt hole. Your track bar is now set to the correct length.

Don't pay extra for a 4-way alignment, there is nothing the alignment shop to do for the rear axle.

rrich 12-18-2010 02:05 PM

""""Don't pay extra for a 4-way alignment, there is nothing the alignment shop to do for the rear axle. """""

Unless someone has told you the Jeep looks like it's going slightly sideways down the road, or it's pulling, left or right etc.

A real 4 way alignment will measure the "Thrust Angle" and "Offset" - they check to make sure the front axle is parallel to the rear axle (TA) and they are in line with each other. All 4 wheels must be hooked up on the instrumentation at the same time to compare it. Some shops only do one end at a time - totally a waste of time and money.

A knowledgeable shop will adjust the control arm lengths to get it right. Discount places won't bother with it - if they even know what it is.

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