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trav2011jk 12-18-2010 08:37 PM

jk 2-3 inch lift
I'm looking to buy a new Wrangler Unlimited. I'm probably just going to get the Sport model because I already have a pretty long list of stuff I want to add and/or change on it. If I'm just being honest, it will be driven on the streets almost exclusively. I'd love to be able to go hit some trails eventually but here where I live there's not much aside from very flat, very calm dirt roads. I want to put 33s on and I'm concerned with the lift. I've read several posts saying that you don't need to lift at all with 33s but I'd feel comfortable with the extra clearance and I like the look. I also want to eventually add a front bumper and rear bumper/tire carrier, but that's going to be down the road a bit. I've been looking at the OME 2" HD kit but I'm worried about putting it on because people have reported gaining over 3.5 inches of lift without the bumpers. I really don't want to deal with adding new track bars, control arms, etc., etc., unless it's really necessary. And I don't want to put any undue strain on other suspension or drive components. I like the price and height of the BB kits (esp TeraFlex and Rubicon Express), but once I add the aftermarket bumpers will the weight be enough to distort the look and performance of the jeep? Also, do these kits really contain everything you need to lift the JK? Or do you also need to be installing stuff like adjustable track bars? Your help and experience is appreciated.

Brandon601 12-18-2010 08:53 PM

I have 33's on my sport and they scrap if u turn too tight so a lift would definately be nice.
I'm hoping to get a 2-3inch lift on mine.

dustyc 12-18-2010 11:21 PM

Most 33's are not true 33's. A lot depends on your backspacing. Ideal would be 4.5 or less. I'm not having any rubbing issues with mine. Even moderate flexing doesn't affect it. You're correct about the added weight of the bumpers, winch, etc.

daggo66 12-18-2010 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by Brandon601 (Post 932166)
I have 33's on my sport and they scrap if u turn too tight so a lift would definately be nice.
I'm hoping to get a 2-3inch lift on mine.

You have a backspacing issue, not a lift issue.

913 12-19-2010 09:56 AM

If you are driving primarily on road you should be fine with most 33's and no lift for now, with proper backspacing. I am running 285 70 17's on my 2011 with no lift. I only rub at FULL flex while off road. I do have plans for a lift, hopefully in the next few months.

Most kits come with everything you need, but not all of them. Just need to figure out how big you want to go and start narrowing it down from there.

trav2011jk 12-19-2010 08:38 PM

thanks for the responses....
I think I'm leaning toward the tf 2.5 bb with shocks. but once I add the bumpers and tire carrier, will it sag so much that the jeep looks ridiculous.... or to the point that I'll be scrubbing the tires? also does anyone know what kind of quality those shocks are, compared to stock?
my other option would be the ome 2 inch hd kit....but until I can get the bumpers on (in a few months), will the lift be TOO high? by that I mean will it be so high without the extra weight that I'd have to shop for track bars, control arms, or other stuff not included in the kit---just to safely operate the jeep?

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