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shell 12-20-2010 04:11 PM

Finally getting a Jeep!!!
After many years of wanting one and my husband finally saying yes, I'm finally getting my own Jeep. A 2011 2-door manual soft top is what I want. It's still a way off, but I'm asking questions now. This will be the replacement for my '03 Saturn Vue. I'm not worried about it being smaller, as I don't have, nor do I plan to have kids of my own, so there won't be any backseat riders except for the dog. So that said, I have a few questions for ya'll, and please remember I'm new to this.

Since this will be our (my) primary vehicle (hubby drives a Mazda Miata) the top will be up and down a lot. (Cause in my opinion why have one if you're not going to take it off) How hard is it to put the top down and back up?

How hard is it to take the doors off and put them back on. ( In the summer everthing's coming off unless it's raining)

Is it possible to have power door locks put on afterward if I don't have them in the first place? Or is it better to buy the Jeep with power door locks. (Hubby thinks I'm going to need power door locks or I'll forget to lock the doors)

Any advice on good alarm systems with proximity sensors? I know that door locks and alarms won't scare everyone away, but I want to protect my new baby.

Please add anything else you think I should know.


toshpate 12-20-2010 04:24 PM

:wavey:woo hoo congrats... go to the JK forum and ask..they are really nice and hey dont forget to wave

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