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Dave K. 12-27-2010 11:11 AM

Electrical Defugalties
Okay, driving last night in my 98 TJ Sahara and the electrical menace begins:

1) The RH turn signal indicator stays on then flickers and goes out then comes back on and stays on.
2) I give the instrument pod a wrap think, you know, loose connection or just to say I had accomplished that task. Panel lights go out.
3) Looking at the gauges while driving by flipping on the interior light and even the headlights head south momentarily but come back.
4) Proceed to first exit and hit the RH turn signal which cycles very fast (faster than the LH) as if it is perhaps. . . . a ground?
5) Realize when I stop that I don't have brake lights, tail lights, panel lights, and fogs but I DO have turn signals.
6) All fuses checked and okay.
7) Start playing around with the light switch, pulling it out slowly and jigglin it a little (pardon the sexual tone here but I am getting effed by my Jeep at this point--12am, 20 degrees outside) and find that at one point on the switch everything comes back. Voila! Change the switch right?
8) Hit NAPA and get a switch, change it and still the same problems.

Okay, what sayeth everyone? I'm think of going back to a tailight ground as a have had a similar rapid blinking problem with an S-10 of old. The fact the headlight switch didn't solution the problem hasa me puzzled though . . . especially when I could get everything to work okay by manipluating the old switch (note that you could hear the relay clicking under the dash by the fuse panel when it hit the "sweet spot").

Anyway, new to the forum but not to the trials of Jeep ownership.

Thanks, Dave.

98 Wrangler Sahara
83 Jeep Scrambler Laredo
52 Willys M38
41 Willy MB

Dave K. 12-27-2010 12:31 PM

I wanted to also note that the reverse lights work but when reverse is engaged the tail light bulbs glow as well.

Atthehop 12-27-2010 02:04 PM

Sounds like you have a bad ground somewhere. Do you have taillight guards installed.

Dave K. 12-27-2010 02:31 PM

No, but I've been thinking about the ground issue still.

Just to be sure I swapped in my old light switch though and found I could do the same thing with moving the knob out just enough and all the lights would work including the fogs but it's just to about the marker light notch (anything beyond that and nothing except headlights. Also smelled something distinctly hot electrical--like I was letting the smoke out somewhere . . . . reinstalled the new switch and nada.

I crawled up underneath and looked around and found no ground wire location--anyone no where it is? It's pretty crispy up there so the chances of a bad ground are. . . . good! Are they just grounded to the body? Seems like a bad idea if so.

Thanks, Dave.

Dave K. 12-27-2010 04:21 PM

Update: Found one roached/melted marker light connector on the right front which would account for the erratic turn signal function. not sure if fixing it will bring back back the rear lights and brake lights though--kinda doubt it . . .

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