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erinb 12-27-2010 06:43 PM

Electrical Problems with Interior Lights
Alright so today I go to install my new stereo system, and everything goes pretty well until I plug the thing in. It won't work, and then shortly after I plugged in the stereo, the interior lights went off for good. So I tried looking for a loose wire or something, but everythings so tight behind the dashboard that it was almost impossible..but from what I could feel everything seems to be in place. I checked the fuse for the interior lights and it was good. The headlights, turn lights, dash, everything else works just fine but the interior lights. Just wondering what might be wrong, any idea could help. Thanks.

HyperBuzzin 12-28-2010 08:53 PM

You talking about the courtesy lights on the sound bar?
Do they work when the door opens but not when turning them on from the headlight/turnsignal lever or do you have the knob on the dash for headlights?

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