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Rawkon 12-07-2005 03:27 PM

tranny woes
Hey guy my tranny has been acting up and this will be the third time taking it in. 2002 TJ X auto 4.0

When its cold and you shift it into gear, it goes "BAM" and shifts in pretty hard.

Once its in gear i can do about 10mph without toughing the gas pedal.

driving long distances will heat up the trans where it feels like the heater is on.
its blown a seal once.

going to pass someone is a joke. it drops gear and finally starts to accelereate and at 4k maybe a little over 4k the jeep bucks like its hitting the rev limiter, and then finally shifts out. a stand still acclereation is fine though.

Im thinking the pump is most of the problem. oh does anyone else get a really rough idle when its cold like aroun 40 degrees or below??? what do you guys think??? I know I know i shoulda bought a stick, but my wife primarily drives it. and she didnt want a stick.

1BLKJP 12-07-2005 05:40 PM

I would say that it's seriously out of adjustment. With the shift points that messed up. When you go to put it in gear either drive or reverse does it take a couple seconds for it to engage?

Rawkon 12-08-2005 12:56 PM

no but it just clunks and slams into gear. after it warms up its fine.
funny hting is after the first time it went in, they gave it back saying everything was in spec.

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