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1992wranglersahara 01-02-2011 06:08 PM

Trouble with Fader...
Hey all -

I have a Pioneer DEH-1100MP head unit (Pioneer DEH-1100MP CD receiver at in my '90 base model YJ. I used an after market wiring harness in the install process.

I also replaced the front speakers a while back with some replacement 4X6's that I bought from Crutchfield.

I just got a cheap speaker box for Christmas (RTS3000T - Speaker System Enclosure) and installed it this weekend.

I used 16 gauge speaker wire from the head unit wire harness to the speaker box in the rear, following the color code of the wire harness (green, green/black, violet, violet/black) for the left and right rear speakers.

For some reason, I cannot get the fader to work correctly after the install. If you adjust the fade setting to 0, you hear music out of the front and rear speakers - grand. If you adjust the fade to complete front, then you still hear music out of the front and rear speakers - bad. If you adjust the fade to complete rear, then there is no sound at all, just complete silence from the whole system.


Help me, please...

Thanks -

1992wranglersahara 01-02-2011 07:36 PM

I am reading that the head unit has 14 watts RMS system power (50 watts peak). The speaker system has 60 watts RMS system power (300 watts peak). Is it just that I need an amp to drive up the head unit wattage?

bighornsahara 01-02-2011 07:47 PM

Most likely there is something wrong with the deck.. it should function right if it was wired correctly. You may know but here are the wire colors.
FL- white /white black
FR- grey/grey black
RL-Green/Green black
RR- purple/purple black.

1992wranglersahara 01-02-2011 08:47 PM

That stinks.

1992wranglersahara 01-28-2011 04:18 PM

Figured out the issue. I had installed the after-market wire harness from Crutchfield when I installed the new Pioneer head unit. That harness was made for the stock radio in a 90 base model YJ, which had no rear speakers. I disconnected the rear speaker wires from the radio to that harness, and then attached them to the rear speaker wire coming from my rear speakers. Voila! Done.

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