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alescard 01-04-2011 05:01 PM

Exhaust leaks.... Advice
Ok so I took it wheeling couple weeks ago. Everysince then I have what sounded like exhaust leak around the header. Went out today and I tool one of the header bolts out with my fingers. Yea it was that loose. I haven't put it back it because at this time I noticed another bolt that's not really a bolt. Some bullshit someone put in there. Also I have had a squeaky pulley and the belt is fairly new.tried belt dressing no luck. Any help is appreciated

sevenservices 01-04-2011 05:27 PM

one thing... before you crank 'er down tight again, blast the connection with some air incase any crud has gotten down in-between the header and the head. That way nothing gets pinched in the gasket.

Can you tell if it is a squeeling belt or is it a bearing somewhere? If belt dressing does not cure the squeel it may need a turn or two on the adjuster.

If you choose "search" above and type in just "tighten belt" you will see a bunch of different threads about how to adjust 'em, finding where the noise is coming from, etc... Depending on what you were wheeling in though, it may just need a good cleaning.

sevenservices 01-04-2011 05:28 PM

The BS in the hole is another story... May need to be pulled/drilled and re-tapped to put a new bolt in. Can you get a pic of the nonsense? :)

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