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bbear401 01-05-2011 12:23 AM

pulls left in four wheel?
hi guys and gals, I am new here! I have had my 1994 yj for a year now,,,lots of fun.

Was hard getting jeep into 4 wheel high and low this fist snow? Finnally got it in, just kept trying.

After i got it into 4 wheel high it pulled to the left? it also seemed like it didn't coast as well as when it is in 2 wheel high? can't remember if that was how it was last year.

Any idea on the pulling? only does it in 4 wheel? i am guess one of the axles isn't engaging, just not sure how to check it


scott howard 01-05-2011 08:12 AM

Bill the first thing you should do is bypass the vacuum activated frt. diff. part of the fwd system.
it is the weakest link in the system .
it is easy to do and cost nothing to do .
i can send ya directions if you want to do it.
it will make your 4 wheel drive work like it should and also make it easier to get into four wheel drive.

does it pull to the left when you back off the gas or does it pull left under power or both.

and yes putting the jeep into four wheel drive will reduce how well it coast. you add a lot move friction and moving parts when you engage the transfere case.

give me a call if you need help while your turning a wrench.

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