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tlarm139 01-06-2011 08:03 PM

Gas mileage
Hi, i own a 2001 wrangler TJ and it s stock as of now. Recently, i have been having problems with my gas guage. I can literally watch as my gauge goes up and down slowly. For example, i had a half a tank full, i shut the jeep off for about 20 min. turned it on, and it went to a tiny more the a quarter tank. then as i start driving, it slowly goes up. once it is at its proper spot, it drops pretty quickly. I know jeeps arent the best on gas haha. but my brother has a ram V8 and he almost seems to be putting gas in less. I can drive 2 mile down the road and watch my gas drop a decent. i know it should get better mileage then that. Any help? Thanks

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