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distortedtj 01-07-2011 10:06 AM

Telling Users to "SEARCH".
WranglerForum does offer a search feature, however we do not require anyone to use it before posting questions. We realize the search tool is crude and it's the helpful nature of this community that makes WF what it is and sets it apart from some of the others. Like wise, if the only reply to a thread you can offer is to “go search“ or “use the search“... then please don't. .It is not your responsibility or job to search for answers for user "X", no one is obligated to help if they do not wish too, that choice is made on your own. If you believe you must post for whatever reason...then be helpful and polite. Post a link to a helpful thread or point them politely in the direction to find the info needed.

Telling users and mainly new users to just search is rude and can drive them away from the forum as they can take it wrong and feel belittled from such comments. Not everyone is wise to how forums work, but most learn and pick up quickly. The cool thing about reading threads on a forum such as this one is that if you don't want to answer the question you can just close the window and go to the next thread. Again no where is it written that you have to reply in a thread.

Also a valid point, as with any very large site, it is a little hard to fine specific items with the search function. Small words like YJ or oil will not return any results because they are under the 4 letter limit the search has.
WranglerForum does also have another helpful search to help you out…. Google Custom Search - Wrangler Forum Custom Search
So please be helpful to your fellow jeeper, and not just that rude "search" person.

Thank You
The WranglerForum Staff

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