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robbiecc 01-07-2011 07:04 PM

Hard shifting
I have noticed that a week doesn't go by here that there aren't several posts on shifting problems. Even I have had my share at times so this morning I decided to try something different. Instead of pressing the clutch in just far enough to feel the engine disengage, I decided to fully press in the clutch. What a difference, even frozen this morning it slid into each and every gear. I'm no expert on these things but i have to wonder how much what i call 'lazy left foot syndrome' is the problem for alot of shifting/getting into gear problems. I even got into reverse w/o having to go to 1st then 'R'. For those of you that experence problems, give this a try-hell, it's free. I'm not saying there aren't mechinical problems and cures-nothing beats a good tranny fluid, but maybe some of it we are doing to our selves that a habit adjustment wouldn't help.

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