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fpchief 01-08-2011 03:43 PM

Drippimg water from inside hardtop
Hi, first post here. 2000 wrangler hardtop. I have water dripping down all along the inside from inside the top....where in the world could it be coming from? Can't be from doors, because it is higher than the doors...

Dockman4 01-08-2011 04:55 PM

Welcome. :wavey: I don't have that problem, but I have a buddy who did. We both have 2001 hardtops and mine has never leaked. His, however, has always leaked in the back (where the glass meets the tailgate). He was having problems with it dripping on him all the time, especially in the mornings. He figured out that with all the moisture, due to the leak, he was getting excess condensation and it was trapped. He replaced the rubber strip under the glass on the rear window. That helped, but didn't completely solve the problem. Then he realized that the top was postioned just alittle too far forward. (He wasn't getting a good seal around the window). He undid all his bolts and unclamped the front, slid it as far back as he could, and re-bolted it. No problems since. (He did have to air it out for a while since the carpet was so wet). Hope this helps. Let us know if it does.

Bruck 01-08-2011 05:49 PM

I hate it when my top is drippimg....Just kidding dude. Welcome!

J10 01-08-2011 07:59 PM

I had this problem thought it was condensation forming. I sprayed it down with some simple green to clean it one time and it just stopped. Could be coindence, hell probably is but maybe worth a try.
Drove me nuts though glad it stopped one way or another

Lawngnome 01-08-2011 08:13 PM

Mine is the sme way, I think it's condensation coming inside from the vents in the back getting between the layers. Its annoying but wont bother me so much when I get rid of the carpet this spring and Herculine the tub.

K-Hill 01-09-2011 02:32 AM

I just FIXED this problem on my 2002 TJ hardtop. My problem was 2-fold (I found out later).

1st issue - Water coming in the back and soaking the rear carpet in the cargo area.

I replaced the rear-glass weather srtip (dealer only part - $114 - DIDN'T fix it). :banghead:
I then noticed the 2nd issue - water pooling in the pass-side rear floor AND the front pass floor.:banghead::banghead:

I replaced the pass-side door seal (full steel doors) - RESOLVED MOST of the leaking to the fron floor, no change on the pass-side rear floor.:doh:

After talking to a 4x4 shop (and reading here) I went to a canopy shop and spent $10 on a 25 ft roll of foam tape used to seal canopies to truck beds. My buddy has a hardtop lift system he fabricated with a Harbor Freight 3000lb winch ($50) and some ropes. We popped off my hardtop and resealed the whole thing, following the factory path, after cleaning off the old stuff that was about 1 millimeter thick. We replaced it with about 5-6 millimeter foam tape and were re-mounting it when I looked at the doors, just for giggles.

It turns out that the "gap" between the door and the windshield WASN'T STRAIGHT on the pass-side! I checked the driver's side and it was perfect from the bottom to the top. Just run your finger from the bottom of the widshield (between the windshield and the door) to the top. It should be almost perfectly "even".

My pass-side went from approx. 1/4 in at the bottom (like it should be) to 1/16th at the top, meaning that the door was bent out at the top thus not sealing as well as it should and still letting water into the rig (though slower with the new seal). My buddy and I blocked the door open and squeezed the top of the door by hand slowly and got it back in alignment almost perfectly. :)

After re-attaching the top (slide it forward until it's a 'smooth fit' in the rear, clamp down the front, then "snug" the 6 bolts down), it hasn't leaked a drop in a week worth of rain. I just pulled out the towels and replace all my Sahara carpet this afternoon. :punk:

One last thing... when tightening the bolts down, don't crank 'em down and white-knuckle them, just get them "good 'n' tight". Too tight and you'll squish and rip the new pad you put in and have to do it all over again. I plan to next winter after pulling the hardtop off and running the soft top through the spring and summer. :cool:

WHEW! Hope that helps.

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