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Fazed 01-11-2011 05:38 PM

YJ shackles
Looking to replace my stock shackles with something stronger. In my searching, I have found 3 basic types (although there may be more). Straight HD that also add some lift, boomerang HD that also add some lift, and the Teraflex revolvers.

The Teraflex look neat, but IMO are too pricy. That leaves the other two. What should I get? Any design or manufacturer better than the others? Some are grease-able, some are not. Does it really matter?

I have also noted that some manufacturers specify a different item number between front and rear, while others say they are the same. Which is it?

I already have a 4" lift (unsure of brand as it came on it when we bought it), trans case drop, 33" tires, sway and trackbars removed.

Help! I don't want to waste my $$ getting the wrong thing.



cgborders 01-11-2011 06:05 PM

For the straight shackles the different numbers has to do with design of the cross brace. For the rear the brace needs to be offset to clear frame. Some manufacturers make all they shackles offset so they are interchangeable, others make the front with the brace centered and the rear offset.

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