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RedRubiTJ 04-23-2007 10:17 AM

WF SoCal Run #3
As always, as soon as you are done with a run, you just can't wait for the next...

That being said, Eric and I were thinking a southern run might be nice before the weather gets too hot. Any preferences on trails and dates?

emills 04-23-2007 10:38 AM

May 19-20 looks like the next free weekend I will have (pending spousal approval of course). And yeah - Anza Borrego or maybe a day run to Los Coyotes (is it still open for wheeling?).


RedRubiTJ 04-23-2007 10:49 AM

Last I heard, LCIR is down for the count (closed permanently).

Unlimited 04-23-2007 11:04 AM

There are a few nice runs we could do down in Anza Borrego. But it will be getting too hot to do anything down there very soon.

May is out for me, I'm traveling for work, plus it's birthday month at our house. Any weekend looks good in June for me, but I'd suggest we stick to the highlands. Maybe something on the east side of Big Bear?

tiny terror 04-23-2007 11:33 AM

I'm free every other weekend :D Gotta spend one home then I can go out again.

Rawkon 04-23-2007 11:40 AM

im up for whatever, may is hard for me due to los of birthdays. but ill see what i can do. Im gonna be up in mammoth with the wifey this weekend. gonna scope out a trail that will lake/creek hop for a few days this summer.

RedRubiTJ 04-23-2007 12:19 PM

First weekend in June (2nd & 3rd) is out for me, I'm open the rest. What's the availability for everyone else June 9th/10th or
16th/17th (Father's Day).

I will likely be available anytime after next weeekend if anyone wants to do something between then and June. No definite plans yet not, I'm just not willing to wait until June to hit the trails again ;).

Silent 04-23-2007 03:15 PM

you know i got every weekend free just let me know when it is.

and man i really wish we could have stayed. :mad: but there will be more runs.

tiny terror 04-27-2007 09:07 PM

I know we have a plan going on for August, but I can't wait that long....... what are we thinking here guys?

RedRubiTJ 04-27-2007 09:22 PM

Well, May 12th I am running John Bull with ROC. That may be a little big for you tiny (33's and lockers recommended).

I think we should plan on something either of the two weeekends mentioned afore (June 9, 10, 16, or 17). I'm open to Sundays if we have to so Spaz can go.

But, at the same time, my build is done so I am willing to go anytime at all. As far as I am concerned, the more, the better. My guess is that I will be on the trails AT LEAST every other weeekend until September, even if its something light and easy like Gold Mountain and Jacoby Canyon.

Rawkon 04-29-2007 11:16 PM

i really want to run gold mountain again before the garden gets closed.

RedRubiTJ 04-29-2007 11:42 PM


Originally Posted by Rawkon (Post 77482)
i really want to run gold mountain again before the garden gets closed.

I'd like to as well since I haven't been on it since going big. I think we could probably get tiny to go soon too since she is anxious for wheeling (last minute run thread). Last time we spoke you mentioned Jacoby got worse: How much worse? Will stock TJ's still make it through?

Rawkon, any time you want to go just give a holler and if I can make it I will. We don't need to wait for everyone available in June to do that. Perhaps move this coversation to tiny's thread though.

tiny terror 04-30-2007 07:15 PM

Where's Gold Mountain?

emills 04-30-2007 07:41 PM

Gold mountain leaves from Hwy 18 by Baldwin lake and goes up and over to the Holcomb trail. It is rated black diamond, but a stock TJ can easily make it. The rock garden turn off may be a tad more difficult, but still easier than what we ran the other day.


RedRubiTJ 04-30-2007 07:43 PM

Short answer = Big Bear :D.

Rawkon 05-01-2007 08:14 PM

Im prolly gonna be up there this weekend. I can take the jeep. I know wayne who lives up there is free and can come too. was thinknig about doin some fishing too hahaha. also gotta find time to pick up the horse crap. (damn horse)

Jacoby can be done in a stock TJ still. it has big time laid down since the washout happened. the weekend i did it when it was hard was when the washout was happeneing. heres some of the washout.

see Chris i was stock at one time

RedRubiTJ 05-01-2007 09:04 PM

Kevin, when you know for certain give a response here: (last minute run thread). If you are up to run Gold Mountain and Jacoby Canyon this weekend I would be interested.

compshooter 05-08-2007 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by RedRubiTJ (Post 76839)
Well, May 12th I am running John Bull with ROC. That may be a little big for you tiny (33's and lockers recommended).

Actually, John Bull has gotten easier. When it was still hard (90 degree turn around a tree with a drop-off) many a mildly modded Jeep could make it. Mine has made it many times over the past 4 years with 31's, and I've heard that it has gotten easier since. Above mentioned corner crusher is now smoothed out.

Rawkon 05-08-2007 10:37 PM

i was there when they took out the tree roots after the tree. they were having rolll over after roll over on the spot so they had to do somethin

Gwjvw 05-10-2007 08:40 PM

Im ready for my first run in big bear this weekend? Anyone
Gold mountain looks sweet!!!!!!!

RedRubiTJ 05-11-2007 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by Gwjvw (Post 80706)
Im ready for my first run in big bear this weekend? Anyone
Gold mountain looks sweet!!!!!!!

I have a prior trail run commitment this weekend but am up for something either of the two following weekends.

RedRubiTJ 05-11-2007 05:19 PM

This thread started good but no one has said diddly in response to a run in June. Anyone?

(Yes, I am a trail ho.):D

tiny terror 05-11-2007 06:42 PM

You know I'm always in. I doubt we'll snag Brian for a bit but I'll let him tell y'all why. And, I'm always up for a run as long as nothing comes up last minute. Just say the word.

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