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creeperjeep 01-13-2011 09:04 AM

Cylinder 2 misfire!
Driving to work this A.M. '04 TJ 4.0 I6 was running rough. First time since I got it 1 plus week ago. I work at a car lot so had a tech run a check came back cyl.2 misfire, plugs or wires. Call the parts store plugs cheap but they say it takes a coil with boots and resister spring, a lil pricier. Ive never been a great mechanic just the basics, is this true info from them? Am I going in the right direction and would most consider this repair basic? I do want to do as much myself as I can. Thanks for any advice that may come my way.

Peepers 01-13-2011 09:19 AM

I would start by checking the plugs. When I did plugs last on a 2005, one came from the factory cracked and it was arcing on the block instead of in the chamber.

As far as I know they stopped using wires back in 03 or earlier and when to a rail instead. this I have no information on as to what might be the problem if it is not the spark plug.

JeepnJim 01-13-2011 09:48 AM

My misfire turned out to be a bad fuel injector.

creeperjeep 01-13-2011 10:06 AM

Thanks Peepers for the link and info it will def help.

creeperjeep 01-13-2011 10:11 AM

Well i have the new plugs and coil harness here in my office, just delivered. Now I just need time. The new coil may be a bit much however I get parts pretty cheap so figured it would be worth it. I just hope this will be the fix. If not I'll have some more new parts going in.

creeperjeep 01-13-2011 06:29 PM

UPDATE: New plugs in, new coil. Runs great again..was an easy job.

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