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FTNuke 04-24-2007 01:05 AM

How much is too much
Hey all, I've been thinking about picking up a CJ to have as kind of a "spare" jeep in addition to my TJ. I've seen a few other people asking what was too much money for a CJ that needs TLC, but I'd still like an opinion on this one here. I've already gone and taken a look at it, the tub basically needs to be replaced, and the all the steering components look like they need an overhaul, but overall the frame and engine look to be okay. It's actually sitting at dealer, not a private seller, asking 1500 plus tax/tag/title. Here are the pics;

It's a '77, V8, besides having a new distributor that's all the info given. Most of the the other CJ's I've seen on the island go for at least 3000, but they have been in better shape too. Any opinion is appreciated.

1BLKJP 04-24-2007 01:38 AM

I wouldn't give more than a grand for that one.

FTNuke 04-24-2007 01:53 AM

That's pretty much what I was thinking, that I'd go down to the dealership and offer them 1000 out the door, after a test drive of course. Its been up on craigslist for about a month now, price has dropped by 400 already, maybe I'll just keep waiting. Either that or just spend the money on a Dana 44 with lockers for my TJ.

debruins 04-24-2007 08:46 PM

agreed 1K or less if you think a new tub is needed, a tub could run around 500 plus ship to hawaii

FTNuke 04-24-2007 09:06 PM

I should rephrase that, it would need a new tub to be "pretty". It could be an ugly beater jeep with maybe just a few spots of welding new plates on. I was basically just thinking that a thousand was a fair price for a good frame and engine, period, I may be way off on that though.

debruins 04-25-2007 06:13 AM

for a running v8 and driveline, solid frame, i would say about 1k
use the tub as a bargainning chip and maybe get an even lower price. See how much it would cost you so you can tell the salesperson that.

DownandDirty 04-25-2007 08:28 AM

^^^^What he said.

I would offer $800 and walk away if they don't accept. Leave them your number to call if they change their mind. If they don't call back, I would call in a couple of days and offer $1k and see where you end up.

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