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sevenservices 01-13-2011 02:55 PM

The Lone Jeeper in Mid-Michigan, you out here?
I must say, I pass the loyalist Jeep Wrangler fan of all time everyday on my way to work. Wondering if he is out here...

I drive from M46 and M24, down M24 into Mayville. The Lone Jeeper is always traveling north towards Caro and passes me just north of Mayville. This has occured every day since a little over a year ago.

I have watched this die hard jeep fan pick up an old YJ painted flat black and red with no top (no soft or hard) and still drive it to work everyday. I've watched him go by with his hoody up over his head as the only protection in the rain, snow, you name it. He's watched my jeep transform as I've watched his.

Now he's running a hard top and he saw my lift for the first time this morning :D

So hey, you out here? Im in the white JY with red doors and the red WRANGLER letters across the hood...


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