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rindy991 01-19-2011 10:52 AM

95yj manual trans to auto
want to swap transmissions in my 2.5 95 yj jeep. it has a 5 speed manual in it know and would like to go to an auto trans with the shifter on the floor(b&m or something to that affect) so i dont have to mess with anything on the column for shifting. any 1 ever done this on this forum that can give me an idea of what im getting into? better with a 3speed auto out of another wrangler or go with something else? open to ideas. i was going to just go with a pre 86 chevy 350 and an auto in it but it looks like more of a project than i can handle by myself. better half wants an auto trans and isnt happy with me selling her yj with the 6cyl and auto! so got to get this figured out b4 spring!

Ibuildembig 01-19-2011 10:57 AM

Hardest thing your gonna have to do is find a trans, 4 popper autos aren't common. Its also gonna really decrease your power. Your prolly gonna have to change the engine harness over to an auto one as well unless the manual one is wired for the tranny harness already. Other stuff your gonna need is a torque converter, flexplate, maybe different bolts for the bell housing, maybe different driveshafts, and ecm.

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