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Square_Eyes 01-19-2011 04:48 PM

Leaking tranny or transfer case?
My dad and I were wrenching on the jeep Monday night when I realized that oil was dripping off the skid plate underneath. I unbolted the skid plate to get a closer look and the transmission and transfer case fell on me :doh: after my dad jacked it back up I got a closer look at where it was leaking, it's coming from the mating point of the transmission and transfer case. I've tried looking up what seals I'm gonna need and I've narrowed it down to an output shaft seal for the transmission or the retainer seal for the transfer case, I called napa to see if they had either one and they told me that nothing even comes up in their computers?! Has anyone recently had this problem and fixed it and if so what parts did you need? Thanks for the help guys!

Square_Eyes 01-19-2011 07:47 PM


sppfields 01-19-2011 09:04 PM

bought mine at oriellys just the other day. had 1 in stock, got the other the next day. it doesnt matter which one is leaking. while you are in the just replace both. but if you are leaking trany fluid, its the transfer input seal, if you are leaking oil, its the transmission output seal. go to morris4x4 and get the part numbers.

Lariatryder 01-19-2011 09:11 PM

Post some pictures and part numbers when you get it figured out. I think mine is leaking too.

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