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YosemiteTJ 01-20-2011 02:37 PM

Radio and dash gauges out??!
Hi All
I was messing with the preouts in my head unit and something happened to where my dash gauges dont work (speedometer etc) and my radio isnt getting any power. My blinkers, check engine etc lights still come on.
I did not cut or disconnect any wires, just the preout cables for an amp I have in the back. It was connected and working just before I disconnected the cables.
This is kind of the short version, I can provide more details if necessary.
I am certainly no electrician, but dont see any obvious wires disconnected anywhere. It seems like I must have pulled to hard on something somewhere because it was working fine, then it wasnt. I have checked all the fuses that I know of: in the glove box and under the hood. They were all fine.
I am having it looked at on Wed but just wanted to throw it out to see if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks for any and all helpful advice!


captgentry 01-20-2011 07:29 PM

I would go back to before you did what you did. See if the dash stuff comes back.

If it doesn't you may have pulled a plug lose or some wire out of one of those plugs.

It really sounds like you blew a fuse though. Check for an in-line fuse somewhere.

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