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Talldude950 01-21-2011 05:17 PM

Can anybody help?
Hey everyone, just joined the site and first post here. I have an old 88 Wrangler my grandfather gave me and I LOVE it. But i have several problems. It stopped being my daily driver after SOOO many little things needing to be replaced that I couldn't afford it. The reason I stopped driving it is:

One day it randomly died on me at a stop sign. After towing it home I found that it would turn over but not fire or even make signs that it wanted to fire, just kept whining. My dad helped me to replace the coil which luckily fixed it right up!

NOW after a few days i went to start it one morning and it was doing the SAME thing, naturally I went right out and bought another new coil and swapped it in, nothing. wont fire at all. It has new wires, new plugs, new coil, new distributer cap and still NOTHING.

So there it sat for about 8 months and now its winter. I decided it was time to bring her back to life so we tried tow it from its snowy grave to my garage but couldnt because the wheels are locked in the straight position (key is in the lock position) but now the key WILL NOT turn for the life of me (yes ive jiggled the wheel while turning it). Thought maybe the inside was frozen so ran the key over the flame of my lighter for a bit before sticking it in (long shot i know) but still no luck. Do i need a new ignition do you thing? Or is it maybe just frozen?

ANYWAYS any help that you folks could give to a first timer with limited knowledge would be VERY VERY much appreciated!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this!

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