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Colin 01-26-2011 08:30 PM

Budget boost vs 3.25 rough country
Finally pulling the trigger this weekend on a lift kit and I can't decide between doing a budget boost with a 1 inch body lift or the rough country 3.25. I will be putting on 33s under the lift and hope to do some light to moderate off roading soon. Both total about 380 shipped but I am wondering what the hidden costs may be besides installation and in anybodys opinions which would be better to do? My other questions are would both require an adjustable trac bar and what are my chances of getting the death wobble from either? Any help or advice would help since this will be my first time getting a lift kit.

04-Rubi 01-26-2011 08:40 PM

I went with the RC 3.25. I needed no added parts and got no death wobble at all from it. I have a few pics on my profile if you care to see it.

530ktm 01-26-2011 09:49 PM

a 2 inch BB along with the 1.25 inch body lift should be less expensive. A 3.25 inch suspension lift most likely will require driveline mods and some others. You may even have to lower your transfer case a smidge with the 2 inch BB but that is simple. I can not see how a complete suspension lift can be the same price as a BB. What kind of quality are you expecting? How are you going to be using your Jeep? There are too many ways of doing this and some are cheap and some are crappy and some are both. Do some research on here before you do anything.

04-Rubi 01-26-2011 10:00 PM

Woops, I'm an idiot. I got the 2.5" lift with a 1" body lift. Sorry for any confusion OP. I could've swore I read 3.75 and not 3.25

Colin 01-26-2011 10:00 PM

I'll have to check around for different prices but this will be my daily driver. The budget boost I was looking at is the 2.25 with hydros one from 4 wheel customs with a performance accessories bl. I think it would most likely be the better lift for me but just getting some extras opinions. And I hear hydros are pretty nice for their price. I'm in high school so I honestly wouldnt mind a rough drive lol

GoldenSahara00 01-26-2011 10:09 PM

for that kind of money, youd be better off looking at the zone 3 inch lift. I know its .25 smaller, and maybe 20 bucks more expensive, but alot better quality than RC. I have heard some good, but some very bad things about the workmanship on their stuff. also, depending on your jeep you may get more than 3 inches out of it anyways. I believe youll be more happy in the long run. AOR the dealer online here at WF can give you a quote. just a though! otherwise, Id go with a BB and body lift til you can save up for a bigger lift perhaps?

mavrick300 01-26-2011 10:13 PM

I got the rough country 3.25 on mine and love the progressive rate springs! Great and smooth on road and nice and strong off road. If you tell rc that you are a member of wf they give you 10% off of your order.

mavrick300 01-26-2011 10:14 PM

Oh and it comes with everything you need and I had no dw

Colin 01-26-2011 10:14 PM

No problem 04 Rubi any help I can get is good lol. And I think i"m just going to the budget boost and save up for a real lift. Should be interesting though going from highway terrain 30s to 33s.

GoldenSahara00 01-26-2011 10:16 PM

Im doin that same, haha. it all depends on your transmission, engine, and gearing. how the jeep will handle. some dont make much problem but some jeeps hate em. also depends on how you like to drive :P

Arch Stanton 01-26-2011 11:08 PM

I was thinking about going with some quality shocks and an inexpensive set of coil spacers and bump stops. Crawlerready is the lowest BB I've found. There is also a low-priced CNC machined delrin BB I saw on Ebay; however, it might transfer vibrations or noise.

Colin 01-27-2011 11:37 AM

I'm a pretty laid back driver but here in southern maryland it's a nascar race to everywhere for other people. The speed limit isnt even a factor for most people. And thanks maverick300, I'll have to check more up on the Rough Country 3.25 on some other threads.

Cclark512 01-27-2011 01:07 PM

I got the rough country 3.25 lift and it's the worst decision I've ever made, I've learned you really shouldn't cheap out on a lift, you should save up until you have enough for something good. I did get death wobble with the 3.25 inch lift and one of the coils doesnt sit right on the spring spacer. It destroyed my front control arm bushings and now I'm waiting to save up to buy adjustable control arms. The one good thing about rough country is their customer service, my rear sway bar end link bushing went bad and I called them and told them and they sent me out new bushings right away. Also my lift kit was missing nuts and bolts.

TXST8tj 01-27-2011 01:32 PM

I install the RC 3.25" on a regular basis. I have not had a single complaint from my customers, and I feel that it is a very complete and quality kit.

If it were me however and I was looking for around 3"-3.5" of lift, I would go with a 2.5" suspension and 1"-1.75" body lift. I find great value in the 1" body lift. It allows you to install a 1" mml which will fix any vibes you might get with the suspension setup. It allows you to run a higher clearance gas tank skid plate, and it allows you to run (along with other parts) a high clearance belly pan skid plate.

In the end, you end up with the same amount of lift with fewer modifications needed (swaybar links, trackbar relocation, etc), but you gain the ability to run other modifications.

I find that it's easier to modify your Jeep down the road based around an already installed 1" body lift.

Colin 01-27-2011 02:57 PM

If I end up doing the 1 inch body lift along with the 2 inch bb TXST8tj, will I have to drop the t-case along with the mml or just do the mml? I've heard d44 are more prone to vibes which is what I have.

530ktm 01-27-2011 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by Colin (Post 1017995)
If I end up doing the 1 inch body lift along with the 2 inch bb TXST8tj, will I have to drop the t-case along with the mml or just do the mml? I've heard d44 are more prone to vibes which is what I have.

Put in a 1 inch or 1.25 inch body lift and also put in the 1 inch motor mount lift and you will not have to lower the transfer case. It is counter productive to lower the transfer case after you just lift your Jeep. I have never heard of the d44 being more susceptible to vibes over the 35.

Schwheelz 01-27-2011 03:20 PM


Originally Posted by 04-Rubi
I went with the RC 3.25. I needed no added parts and got no death wobble at all from it. I have a few pics on my profile if you care to see it.

Did you do your own alighnment?

Schwheelz 01-27-2011 03:30 PM

3 Attachment(s)
We need to know if you have a 2 door Or a 4 door, im assuming its a jk because this kind of lift is pretty big for a tj

Jk- eventually you will need new driveshafts, you need adjustable rear and front trackbars, new shocks etc. One thing i also recommend is adjustable control arms, that way you could pivot your axle and not ruin your driveshaft.

Jku- you should be fine with coil springs and shocks, your driveshaft will also be fine.

Im getting ready to put these on my jeep, i hand picked (not a kit) rancho rs9000xl shocks (extended) rustys coil springs (for3,25lift) and jks front and rear adjustable trackbars, btw im painting everything:) except shocks

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