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digsdirt 01-27-2011 09:07 PM

Vacuum lines after Posi Lok?
I just finished putting a Posi Lok on today... But what do I do with all the vacuum lines coming off the old system?

I capped the red line close to the firewall. Is that correct? The directions say cap the vacuum source... is it the red line? Or is it another hose coming off the intake manifold? How do I know which hose was the vacuum source? So many damn vacuum lines in this thing!!! :banghead:

Blue: leave hanging?

Do I need to trace them back and disconnected the lines all the way back to the intake manifold? Cap them? Pull them out?

n2trucking 02-01-2011 10:05 AM

If your talking about that electric conversion for the front axle lock then you have to use the red line still but cap the other lines. The red one goes to transfer case and you need that to lock the transfer case. Now this is what i have read. I have seen that system but i don't have it on my own. The red goes to the transfer and the yellow and green goes to the axle and the black you leave on the 4wd indicator switch.

Again if im wrong then please correct me but im pretty sure that's how it is.

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