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TCaples 01-30-2011 05:55 PM

Help please?
Hello everyone im 15 years old and really want a wrangler for my first car..i want to black it out and put a lift on it..i don't really know specs for cars but i do want it to look nice! my parents don't mind how much they spend on the exterior/interior parts but not too much out of the ballpark! remember, im only 15..I also was wondering if a wrangler was a good car to start with..i just wanna pull up in the parking lot and everyone's jaw drop. I hope someone will give me a list of things that is good to have on a jeep as in tires/rims...etc.

Thanks so much,

Seanomck 02-01-2011 08:00 PM

Hey i think that you have a great idea! Im 17 and my 06 TJ is my first car and theres a few things you may want to know:
1. Used isnt a bad thing- people often take good care of their jeeps and by getting a used one you can sav some money and get a high quality first jeep
2. you dont need to add all things at once- its kind of nice to have different projects going over a long peroid of time so theres no need to pay for all at once
3. If your parents are anyhting like mine then you may want to be careful about how you introduce new additions- for example dont say you want new offroad lights to look cool say you want them so you can be saferat night on dark roads
4. If the car is yours take some initiative to pay for somethings on your own- ur parents may see this as a sign of you being mature and they may cover any problems that you may run into in the future
5. when looking for your wrangler i would personally go with a manual- at first i hated the idea of stick shift but now i cannot get enough of it. Its cheaper and is much more safe and more importantly fun and helpful on the trail
6. Tires and rims are always a cool idea but just make sure they are installed correctly cause thats one thing you dont want breaking :rofl:
7. Add things you like- I personally like lots of music so i got an ipod adaptor from bestbuy and i am thinking about upgrading my sound system
8. Things i would recomend- cb radio with antenna and pa system(this really turns some heads when you pull into the parking lot):D , tire cover (because when water sits in the spare tire overtime it begins to rust, and offroad floormats (if your going offroading the mud can get everywhere and those little mats cant handle it all
Thats about it. if you have any questions just ask

uppidycon 02-04-2011 06:35 AM

find a cheap used one in good shape with a few mods.. you'll save a lot of money..

BlackMountain 02-04-2011 09:40 AM

how much money are your parents going to spend?

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