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silvrevo 02-04-2011 10:27 AM

JK Magazine ,, April 2011
Few little tidbits.

Wrangler sales were up in Oct. 2010 compared to Oct. 2009

by 111% !!!

All 13 Chrysler vehicles will get the GC Pentastar by 2013.

The Wrangler is up to bat next in 2012 model year!!!!!!!:D

Also plans for a Maserati SUV based on the GC is moving

Mr. Sinister 02-04-2011 10:46 AM

Still no word on the U.S. diesel Wrangler?

silvrevo 02-04-2011 10:55 AM

No blurb on that Sin...............

And No mention on the Wrangler transmision.

Mr. Sinister 02-04-2011 11:12 AM

I'm curious how much an improvement just the new engine will be if they retain the same transmission. Noticeable, I'm sure, but looking at the rear-wheel dyno numbers for the JK, the drivetrain soaks up a ton of power. I've seen an average of 130-140 at the tires, that a loss of 70hp, or just over 30%. Chrylser's own engine dyno numbers were actually 205 crank horsepower from the chart I saw. 30% is ridiculous.

silvrevo 02-04-2011 11:21 AM

I also think a new transmision would work well with the 3.8. Like holding gears longer.

And that 30% is way high,,, maybe the 3.8 is overrated at 202hp?

Im planning on being a guienny pig with the 3.6 Pentastar and what every tranny they mate upto it.

Im kinda out of the high speed / tuning of cars now. Grew up a little. Plus a ticket here and there adds up.

Or I might be looking into the SRT-8 2012 GC,,, which will be out about the same time the Pentastar gets dropped in the Wrangler.

Im thinking a snowball white/white hardtop,,,,,silver/silver,,,,,Green/Green ,, only if it is a Candy Metalic! 02-04-2011 11:29 AM

All I can add is about the transmission is none of the other vehicles with the Pentastar are mated to a 4 speed auto. they all 5 speed or higher. supposedly the current manual will still be in the 2012 with the Pentastar.

daggo66 02-04-2011 12:02 PM

Silrevo old buddy, it's JP Magazince. How did you post about that issue and not mention the Panda?

Mr. Sinister 02-04-2011 12:40 PM

like the Fiat Panda?

AgtSunshine 02-04-2011 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by Pat@FieldsJeep (Post 1033676)
supposedly the current manual will still be in the 2012 with the Pentastar.

Without breaching that the word around the Chrysler dealer network campfire?

silvrevo 02-04-2011 03:05 PM

Hahaha,,, seen that in the middle........I was just in the front section.

Concept looks pretty cool. Kinda like the 80's Suzuki Samuri.

I also liked that Jeep adda trunk......tailgate extension!

My subscripton is good till Sept I guess ill be around. : )

daggo66 02-04-2011 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. Sinister (Post 1033785)
like the Fiat Panda?

Yes. Jeep might have a version for 2013.

Shadow's_Jeep 02-06-2011 07:45 PM

Jeep now plans to revive one of its most hallowed nameplates, the Grand Wagoneer, for a new upscale SUV with seven-seat capacity. That was the promise made by Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne who announced at a press conference at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show this week that a new Grand Wagoneer will arrive by January of 2013.

It will share a platform with the recently launched Grand Cherokee and the Dodge Durango. Interestingly, 2013 will also see the launch of a Maserati SUV based on the same platform.

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