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wranglersrock 02-04-2011 08:07 PM

Key/Electricity won't stay "on" - ignition switch?
The turn signals and windshield wipers on my 97 TJ were failing intermittently at the same time. From what I understand the electricity for those switches is routed through the ignition switch so I removed the ignition switch and cleaned the connectors with Deoxit. Since reinstalling the switch I have to turn the key slightly past the on position to get the electricity to come on. After starting the Jeep, once I let go of the key the engine stops and the electricity goes out. I've removed and reinstalled the ignition switch and lock cylinder a few more times and I've taken the ignition pin apart and put it back together. At this point I'm having trouble getting the engine to start at all although it cranks just fine. A few days ago my wife mentioned that the same thing happened to her where she started the car, released the key, and it died.

Is there any way to test if the ignition switch is the problem? Is there any way to start my Jeep in the meantime so I can get around?

wranglersrock 02-05-2011 10:43 AM

Any idea on this guys? Is it the ignition switch? Ignition switch actuator pin? Lock cylinder?

Can I bypass all of this and start my Jeep some other way in the meantime so I can get around?

pokey 02-05-2011 11:06 AM

The signals and wiper problem (also radio) are classic symptoms of a bad ignition switch. They're about $75 at the dealer. I have no idea if you can bypass it. I wouldn't try to, might end up messing something else electrical. Good luck.

wranglersrock 02-05-2011 12:57 PM

I bypassed the ignition pin and lock cylinder by turning a screwdriver in the ignition switch. It cranks but won't start which is the same thing that happens when I turn the key now. I think the ignition switch is deteriorating. I'm ordering a new ignition switch but I need a way to get around until it arrives. I read in this forum that I need to use a "screw driver between main battery lead on starter and ignition lead on solenoid". If anyone can help me out with more info on how to do that I'd appreciate it. I don't know where the starter and solenoid are, let along the correct leads on each of them.

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