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McBear 02-05-2011 06:55 PM

A Thread Gone Tangential
Earlier this week I posted a short, smartassed comment on Facebook. With my group of friends it could neither stay short or on topic. I thought it was topical in reference the off-topic, off-topic of another thread. Enjoy.

McAllister Bryant

Breaking News: There was no news regarding Charlie Sheen today.

David Kesling No news is good... no GREAT news. This Sheen fixation is worrisome.
Thursday at 10:58pm
David Kesling ‎...and Francisco Franco is STILL dead.
Thursday at 10:59pm
McAllister Bryant At least the Sheen fixation does not include daily updates on the status of Paris and Britney's pantyless...ummm...couture.
Yesterday at 3:19pm
David Kesling Affirmative! Roger that one, Blue Leader.
Yesterday at 3:20pm
Katherine Brock Haha, talking about something that isn't newsworthy.
Yesterday at 3:25pm
John Myers That made me think of the NPR report I heard Thursday afternoon. The NPR reporter visited Cairo and Alexandria seeing the protest/violence, then visited the smaller surrounding towns and villiages only to see life going on pretty much as normal. Farmers, builders etc going about their daily lives. Wonder how much of this event and others is contrived and promoted...???
10 hours ago
Gary Lee Smith
Is it clear that the 'opposition/protesters' Brotherhood are the majority in Egypt? Not so clear but the Brotherhood says, if given the freedom to choose, most of Egypt's 80 million population would choose a form of Islamic law, although it... is publicly committed to political pluralism. Do we trust the Brotherhood? What I believe is that either way, we must maintain a partnership with Egypt's leadership. It will require a Master Stroke from our administration to keep up. @John - Contrived, promoted.... after the initial 'spark'.... yes. Question is, who?
9 hours ago
Gary Lee Smith Sorry but as much as I like Two and a Half Men, Sheen is what he is.... TMZ news. Ughhhhh....... Hope he gets himself well.
9 hours ago
John Myers Can't say I have ever seen the program.... but I hope he works out his problems. Also will free the headlines up for the next mindless story...
8 hours ago
McAllister Bryant
‎@John, some of the protests in Egypt are much like the "vast majority" outrage of protests held at town hall meetings and at rallies of a certain party over the past couple of years. Much of the rest of our country is going about its busi...ness not particularly distracted, either way.

You ask about contrived...well when we point out the Koch brothers for many of the Tea Party protests, things get very, very quiet.

In both cases change can and does happen, sometime for the better, sometime for the worse.See More
5 hours ago
McAllister Bryant
‎@Gary...I thought the idea of smaller government was to limit spending. Part of that "partnership with Egypt's leadership" is foreign aid, which many want to see cut off without looking at consequences.

Then there is the whole democracy thing. If we are for it, as the folks on the right seem to say they are, it should not matter if it is of an Islamic majority or not.

But the question is, What Would Charlie Do?
5 hours ago
Gary Lee Smith
Charlie would get a room. And Mc... From following your threads I can see that you are not distracted by politics :) As far as 'protests', there seems to be outrage from both sides of the aisle. Foreign aid.... Gezzzz.... it should after we take care of ourselves with our own money. You don't have to be too good at math to follow our spiral down and I'm not pointing a finger at either party but taking a jab at both.

Get well Charlie!
3 hours ago
McAllister Bryant Foreign aid is one of those annoyances that occupies 1% of our budget, 20% of our righteous indignation and at least 50% of our unintended consequences.

As for Charlie...he has a room, several apparently.
2 hours ago
John Myers Like Gary, I find both/all sides laking in our politics, I struggle with your 'MC' quickly pointing fingers at the Kock Bro's and failing to even give an honrable mention to the Good Mr. Soros and company. Does not seem to exemplify inclusiveness that I would hope for....
2 hours ago
Gary Lee Smith I guess our country's problems are all 'righteous'.
about an hour ago
McAllister Bryant
Soros is out in the open, with both Move On and Open Society Institute, never hiding undercover. While, on the other hand the Koch Brothers have spent the last 20 years hiding their donations behind shells and, most humorously, funding muc...h of the "grassroots" Tea Party movement.

I am more than happy to include ALL who work under the table, whether left or right. I like sunshine. It is one of the reasons I post many of the links I do, so folks that might not see things will have an opportunity to take a peek at what is happening "in their name”
57 minutes ago
Gary Lee Smith Soros is a “philanthropist” committed to “democracy.” The Republican Party, by contrast, is supposed to be run by fat cats and Big Business, such as those at Halliburton. All.... All in the name of Charlie. HA!
46 minutes ago
Gary Lee Smith Actually, once Soros made his fortune he became a global socialist, endorsing global taxes on the very means he employed to get rich... international currency speculation and manipulation. He may be the biggest political fat cat of all time. ALL time. The very man who broke the Bank of England. An extremely mysterious and controversial billionaire. Gezzz, do you really stand behind this man? Very telling.
39 minutes ago
John Myers Also back to listening to NPR, they had a detailed interview with an Egyptian who had relatives still in country and their great fear was they would have a hard time surviving because the 'Government controled' the food and fuel as well as some other things. I would prefer to risk hunger on my own than to submit unilaterally. Seems dicators and socialist like to control those items. Leaving me with if you do not agree with me you can't eat.... Also Gary you left out Maylaysia..
32 minutes ago
McAllister Bryant At what point did I say I stood behind Soros. I said his dealings, both as a trader and as a philanthropist were open, as evidenced by all the whining by the right about him for the last five years, all from PUBLIC records. Nothing mysterious about him, though controversial would certainly fit.
23 minutes ago
McAllister Bryant
‎@John, the folks in that area, dictators and "socialists" control our fuel, and by extension our food as well. If our fuel costs go up 30% because of politics in that region our food goes up as well.

Those on the right believe we should ..."influence" the actions of the politics there but NOT have foreign aid. I am constantly amazed that they don't understand that "influence" and money are intrinsically linked. Even Charlie's porn stars and hookers understand that simple economic axiom
18 minutes ago
McAllister Bryant By the way...Best Charlie Sheen thread on the Interwebtubes.
14 minutes ago
John Myers I believe I will just sit and breathe, more stimulating ..
4 minutes ago
McAllister Bryant One should always try breathing at least once or twice a day, hopefully more often.
about a minute ago

Gary Lee Smith
Speaking of price increases...... went by Kroger on the way home. OMG!! $17.99 a lb beef? Trying Seirra Nevada diet tonight ;) Should raise some cattle like Cous Georgene. All the while, breathing well.

Charlie and his cat dust. Hope he isn't following us.

McAllister Bryant I am not happy about beef prices. Fuel is driving it up at every stage of the process. I don't think it is going to improve for a while, at least as long as the Saudis think $100 barrel oil is OK. It goes up more than Charlie.

tntviper1 02-06-2011 07:09 AM

ummm cliff notes?

McBear 02-06-2011 02:56 PM

That is the entire thread, nothing added, nothing removed. It started with the comment about "no news about Charlie Sheen" and by the end was discussing beef prices. Pretty much the definition of a thread gone tangential.

BestopTeam@Bestop 02-06-2011 03:07 PM

So what you're saying is that you drive other forums crazy as well? Good for you! Sanity is way overrated.

EDIT: OK, that sounded kinda dickish. I should point out that I'm joking. I've read tons of McBear's stuff, and like it.

McBear 02-06-2011 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by Geoff@Bestop (Post 1037803)
So what you're saying is that you drive other forums crazy as well? Good for you! Sanity is way overrated.

EDIT: OK, that sounded kinda dickish. I should point out that I'm joking. I've read tons of McBear's stuff, and like it.

Yes, yes I do.

And no, no it didn't.

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