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gennaro 02-05-2011 11:00 PM

33 tires in a 4 cylinder - what gearing is needed
I purchased my '97 automatic jeep a little over 1 year ago. Jeep came with 31" street tires on it. My jeep is used for offroading purposes only. The only street driving it sees is when it goes to the trails.

Since the tires were regular all terrain tires - I decided to put some KM2's on it to tear the trails up. While at it....I decided to put a 1" body lift on the jeep and squeeze in some 33's. I got my rig back this week.

I thought all my problems would go away (with clearances and grip).

It snowed a crap load here in NY. I went to pull out of my little snow mound and realized that I had no power at all to even get out of a snow bank!

I'm assuming my gearing is so far off now, that I lost all power.

So....I have some questions.
1. What is the stock gearing on my automatic 1997 4 cylinder?
2. What gearing (front and back) is best for strictly offroading? I'm looking for a lot of low end torque to get me over all those rocks.
3. Do I need to regear both front and back or can I get away with just the back?
4. What the hell is this "little" upgrade going to run me?
5. I'm considering just dropping in a 6 cylinder to get a ton more power out. If I can find one cheap - would you recommend that I leave the gearing the way it is and drop in a 6 banger - or leave the 4 cylinder and regear?

Thanks in advance boys.....


netlohcs 02-05-2011 11:23 PM

I really dont know all that much, so don't take anything i say without a grain of salt.

The one question you had that i can answer for sure is that you most defintely need to do both the front and the rear. If you do not do this, you would either a) only be able to use 2wd or b) your front and rear tires would spin at different rates. Probably not a good idea.

You didn't mention if you had a manual or an auto, but if you ONLY use it for trails, and low end is what your looking for... I dont see why you wouldn't to just shoot for the moon and go to 4.88 gearing. If anyone disagrees with me, listen to them. Like I said.. im a noob :)

gennaro 02-05-2011 11:26 PM

Updated to reflect the fact that it was automatic. I was pretty sure I had to do both front and back.

If I go with the 4.88, what would this do to my gas mileage and highway driving? Again - I could care less about either - it would be just more of a curiosity thing.

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