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Jarrodbeckstead 02-06-2011 06:31 AM

How do you get to the wiper switch?
I'm in a 92' YJ sport 2.5L and I can't figure out how to get under the steering collar to replace a busted wiper switch. Steering wheel was aftermarket and just screwed off along with the mounting bracket but the deepest I could get was to a Y-shaped bracket for the steering retaining bolt. Someone please help me... because it's really hard to maintain manly composure while sobbing like a pansy into my detached steering wheel.

Wrangler Haven 02-06-2011 01:02 PM

Have you tried a Puller on that?
The shaft nut torques everything down pretty tight. Rent a steering wheel puller from you local parts store. It will have rods that will thread down into those 3 holes and a central rod that will go on the center shaft.
Also, if it's just the wiper lever that broke, that part can just be pulled straight out and a new one pushed in.

89JEEPYJ 02-06-2011 01:05 PM

ya theres always probs with those things. the guy that owned it be4 me took it off there and put it on a toggle type switch

Jarrodbeckstead 02-06-2011 01:18 PM

aha... didn't know it was just compressed into place. I'll get on that. also my previous owner had somehow managed to snap the bottom quarter inch of the wiper toggle stick (is there a name for that - multi switch or something like that?)off in the slot in the switch after gluing it back in place.

Joplies 02-06-2011 10:33 PM

I just got through replacing mine last week so hit me up man if you have any questions. biggest this is remember how everything goes! lol.

Jarrodbeckstead 02-07-2011 05:18 AM

No kidding... Finished in like 5 hours (did the serpentine too) but getting the little retaining ring off... Sheesh. My hands are pretty jacked up from shanking myself trying to get a small screwdriver under the little bugger.

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