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AayKay 02-07-2011 04:53 AM

4x4 gear oil
Hi all,

I have a 99 TJ with a 5-speed manual tranny. I need to know which oil do you guyz normally put in the the 4x4 gear (the gear with 4H, 4L etc). My service station put in a red coloured thin consistency gear oil (for automatic vehicles) called Dexron 3. My mechanic told me it needs a manual tranny gear oil which is of thicker consistency and yellowish in colour (consistency just a bit thinner than honey). The Jeep dealer here in Dubai told me the consistency will be thin like juice and yellowish in colour. Now I am totally confused.

Also, how many liters of this stuff would go into the 4x4 gear. I know there is a differnece between the differential oil and the 4x4 gear oil.

Would really really really appreciate someone's insights here. I thought mechanics and serviuce stations would know this kind of stuff!

TJ-Q8 02-07-2011 05:18 AM

Well am in kuwait soo i feel your pain. The mechanics tell me to not change the oil at all but i felt tgat wrong soo i asked here. The transfer case( 4x4 gear) uses same oil as te automatic trans in the wrangler soo mopar atf4. You can get it at any mopar dealer. Just let someone chime in and say if its atf3 or atf4 to make sure. I heard they are the same though. But make sure from someone here. I put in atf4 and its fine. If i remember corectly it takes between 2-3 liters.

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