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RollTide08 02-08-2011 02:31 PM

Any one on here from the Tuscaloosa area? Im a student at UA and I see alot of bad ass Wranglers on campus so I figured theres gotta be a few people on here. If anybody wants to get a trip together in the next few weeks, or if anyone knows of some nearby trails let me know! Im riding in a 98 TJ front and rear bumpers, a xrc8 winch, and some 31" AT's. I'd love to get out and ride but none of my friends are really interested besides for mud.

lukesherer8 01-14-2013 07:07 PM

I am a student at UA as well and am curious of some trails around Tuscaloosa. Also, how do you like the xrc8 winch, I've been checking them out for a few months? Thanks

BamaRolln 01-15-2013 08:33 AM

You should be able to find a few places to ride in the Mulberry Fork Wildlife Management Area in Tuscaloosa county. (I'm not a student and I'm in B'ham)

Wildlife Management Area Maps and Hunting Permits

lukesherer8 01-16-2013 11:38 AM

Would you by chance know how to get over there from 59? I am not familiar with that wildlife management area.

BamaRolln 01-16-2013 03:45 PM

Hwy 69 runs just north of the Mulberry WMA and to the south, the WMA is borderd by the Warrior River.

I guess out of Tuscaloosa it would be a ride up Hwy 69 North and then after about 30 or so miles take a right turn somewhere.

The map at the link above will show you the roads and boundaries and also serves as your permit to be on the WMA. Make sure you don't break any of those rules listed on page 2.

hagler123 01-25-2013 12:26 PM

I live off Hwy 69 S before moundville

hunterm 08-28-2013 10:39 PM

I would try out the Talladega National Forest. They have some pretty good OHV trails and its not too far away from campus. Just do some googling to find out the best trails, but I know that turkey mountain is really popular in the forest and it's also treacherous! Have fun and Roll Tide!!!

tonybhall 02-23-2014 09:06 AM

Roll Tide

I don't live in T-town anymore. But I grew up there. Ask around about Daniels Creek. it's the best off roadin' in that area.

It's down 216. to get there take 216 to Rocky Branch Rd then immediately turn right onto Camp Cherry Austin Rd. Way down that road a dirt road forks off... take that and you'll find yourself in some of the best off roadin' around these parts.

At least it was when I was in high school 1989 to 91. Not sure how it looks now.

I had a Landcruiser FJ40 back then and ran it all over that area. I used to ride in the creek. There are big hills. Water crossings. Rocks. Old train tunnels. And a huge cliff you can repel from. And at the end, Daniels Creek empties into Holt Lake on the Warrior River.

If you google "Daniels Creed Tuscaloosa" it will show you the public use area. Follow the creek back from there and you'll see the area I'm talking about.

wordsmyth 08-02-2014 12:53 PM

Old thread -- let's see if any others are lurking in the woodwork!

I live down 69 south towards Moundville.

GroundControl 08-06-2014 11:46 PM

We just went there this past weekend. Access from Camp Cherry Austin Rd is blocked but we found another way in. Going back ASAP!
Here's a new site will be active soon hopefully

tonybhall 08-10-2014 05:25 PM

So, how did you get in? I tried it a couple weeks ago and it was all blocked.

GroundControl 08-23-2014 06:22 PM

I'll meet up with you next time we go out there. Kinda hard to explain where it is but we can get in there. Reason it's blocked off at Camp Cherry Austin Rd is someone had a fatal accident out there last year on a 4-wheeler. So they blocked access from that end. Anyone interested in riding in Tuscaloosa, Walker, Jefferson, Fayette and surrounding areas can join us at for updates of future trail rides nearby. We will be going back to Daniel's Creek soon also.

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