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jyop 02-09-2011 01:31 AM

98 Jeep Wrangler Won't start, but cranks
I am new to WF and have a 98 jeep wrangler sport, 4.0, 5-speed. Intermittently I will go somewhere for a short time (less than 10min) and when I try to start it back up it will not start but it does crank. This does not happen all the time, only sometimes. Just recently, when it did start after one of these episodes, it died as if it ran out of gas but I had 3/4 tank, I got it started again after the second crank but got to a light nearby and died again as if it ran out of gas, then it started after about 5-10 minutes and I made it all the way home. I am thinking fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, or CPS. Could it be something a simple as a fuel pump relay? I am a broke student trying to get out cheapest way possible. Any ideas on the cause of my problem? Thank you in advance

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