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BrandonsYJ 02-09-2011 10:56 AM

Water/coolant loss
Hello all, my name is Brandon. New to the forum, long time coming. Jeepster for last 6 yrs. Done some nice mods to my 94 YJ 2.5 myself, it's great. But I need help, not so engine savvy.
My problem is I know I have a crack on top of radiator and also leaking valve cover gasket. No biggie and ready to replace those myself. But what I don't understand is; a new discovery is when my wife and I were adding water/coolant to the radiator it is almost pouring out right below the valve cover, not sure but it looks like where the headers are attached to the engine???
Is it a header gasket? Worse? I'm lost, don't totally understand the cooling operation...please help

TJ Kyle 03-31-2011 09:21 PM

I would guess it is running down the block from somewhere else. I have a 97 2.5 and my waterpump went out yesterday. It made it look like the oilpan was leaking water, but thats not possible, unless I had other MAJOR problems.

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