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nicolas-eric 05-13-2007 12:49 AM

OME Lift - Track Bar Bracket Needed?

some weeks ago i ordered an OME lift and i hope it will be here next week (thats what the UPS tracker says...).
this lift kit comes with a track bar bracket.

do i really have to install it?

actually i have a 2" BB with the stock track bar. the rear axle went less than .25" to the left after installing the lift.
i think that wouldn´t change very much with the OME HD spings.

i ask this because i don´t want to drill while installing the bracket. in my opinion the better way would be an adjustable track bar in the future.

what do you think about this track bar bracket? is it necessary to install it?

thanks in advance for your answers and greets from germany.
nicolas-eric :)

RedRubiTJ 05-13-2007 01:32 AM

I'm at 4" with an adjustable TB in the front but use a bracket in the rear. It's pretty common, effective and not very detrimental to use a bracket in the rear. I would go ahead and put it in. The drilling is for additional mounting of the bracket and does not impact the ability to go back to using the original (if yours is like mine).

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