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SKYOFSCORPIONS 02-15-2011 11:35 AM

Jeep Project
Hello fellow Jeep owners, I am proud to say that I am a new owner of a 1992 Jeep 4.0L YJ. I just picked it up yesterday and started to get it ready for what I have in mind. I want to post the stages of this project on here but also get a little help with certain things :). Hopefully I will be able to devote $2000 a month to this project.

The first stage I am going to start on is the interior. I already have ripped out all of the carpet and heavily cleaned the metal. I want to:

Herculine the interior completely

Add Corbeau microsuede A4 racing seats up front with a 4 point harness

Add the Corbeau racing baja bench in the back with new seat belts.

Replace the center console with a diamond plate locking center console. I'm not sure if these exist, but I want something rugged and heavy duty.

Replace the shifter rubber boot for a black leather one with blue stitching. Similar to this picture.
Also does anyone know if a company makes an aluminum shifter boot bezel for these YJ Jeeps?

Replace both shift knobs with round titanium ones just like in this picture.
I know this car in it isn't a Jeep, but I'm wondering if the threading will be the same. Or if there is a way to find out?

The dash was just replaced by the previous owner. But! I want to use the auto meter gauge dash bezel/holder with the auto meter gauges.

I also plan on taking the whole plastic dash and smoothing out all of the "texture", priming it, and then getting it painted the same color as the exterior, black. I think that would give the dash a nice custom feel. I also want to paint the plastic piece between the dash and the steering wheel black.

Add aluminum racing pedals. Does anyone know of Jeep specific ones or can the universal Sparco ones fit?
Sparco USA

I plan on stripping out the stock stereo and replacing it with a new one with a sound bar and a sub. That's stage 2 of this project though.

Replacing the steering wheel with a Sparco racing one.
Sparco USA

Let me know if you can help me with finding a few of those items :)
I'm getting excited!

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