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zimi117 02-15-2011 05:29 PM

Soft top on with hardtop??
Have a 98 TJ wrangler. I just bought a hardtop and left my soft top rails in their but took off the vinyl. Does anyone think you can keep the soft top installed and just put on the hardtop?
I know i have to take off the door frames either way but just a thought. I want to be able to keep the soft top on for the spring, but would still like to easily put on the hardtop for the added security.
The soft top would be folded down of course when using the hardtop


FalconRods 02-15-2011 05:42 PM

My Owner's Manual says not to run in tandem (2010 2D JK with Freedom top and soft to[ installed for transportation only). Must admit I have as I just took order about 4K Miles ago (e.g., 10/2010). Have order ed and recieved Bestop storage system that will get assembled this weekend and hardtop removed all things going well. Plans are (and direction from here) is one or the other so I will run soft top until fall and then remove it before replacing hard top. I do watch this topic thread for other input senior forum members but that's my suggestion.

InfernoGirl 02-15-2011 09:31 PM

x2. You should remove the soft top when the hard top is installed. There is a possibility of damaging the soft top from contact with the hard top if it is left in place, not to mention the amount of storage area you are loosing....
If you leave the soft top mounted to the frame, it's 4 bolts to install and remove it. It's easy. Do it right and save yourself from wasting the $ you invested in the top.

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