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louie72 02-21-2011 04:06 PM

gear ratio opinion wanted
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gonna change gears in my 95 yj 4 cyl.stock 4:10.i have put on 33 12.5 question is.what ratio to get to put it back to stock rpm driving thinking 4:88 from what i have read on hear but im afraid that may may be a bit extream and only need 4:56.thanks in advance.also i ama mechanic but this is one thing i have never done.wonder how hard it is?seen ian do it on xtream 4x4 and looks pretty straight forward but he has alot of of tools and knowledge at his disposal.looks like the kits from rough country have everything you need for front a rear for under 500 bucks.since im building on a budget that is a plus for me. thanks again for the help..steve

Mitchness 02-21-2011 04:37 PM

Randy's Ring & Pinion. RPM Calculator.

The calculator at Randy's Ring & Pinion should be able to help you find the right gears to put it back to the cruising RPM you're after.

I agree that 4.88 will be a bit steep for only 33s... at least as far as road manners go. It'd be great for the trail though. 4.56 will be better for on the road.

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