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Dockman4 02-21-2011 11:50 PM

Yet another heater question
For a while now the heater has had issues when the fan was on any other level except on high. :nonono: If I wiggled the switch, I could get it to work on any level...and it always worked on high. Today, it wouldn't come on at all. I tried all the usual tricks, but nothing. :eek: I went to the store, and it worked on the way back...then nothing, nada. I bit the bullet and went to the stealership and got a switch and a resistor pack (both of the usual suspects). :surrender: WELL....I just got done with the job from HELL, replacing both. The resistor pack had pine needles and dust in it, but I didn't see any burnt wires or anything. Same with the switch, no burnt wires anywhere. Put it all back together and nothing. Still no fan!!!!!! What gives? Anybody have any ideas? It's suppose to snow the next couple of days and it would sure be nice to have a defroster and/or heat. :redface:. Thanks for any and all helpful replies. Rick

Oh, in case it matters, it's a 2001 TJ 4.0 with an auto tranny.

Dockman4 02-22-2011 09:05 AM

After sleeping on it, and still being frustrated, I'm thinking of just installing a toggle switch that operates the fan on high, or off. Does anybody know of a write up on this? Thanks again Forum members.

jp2611 02-22-2011 11:01 AM

had SIMILAR issue last fall-replaced blower motor-no more problem. Think brushes may have been issue-amount of voltage varying from switch speed/resistor same things tried replaced motor even though it would "work" and no more problem.

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