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fr87hn 05-19-2007 02:32 PM

question about clutch operation
Hey guys. Ok heres my problem. when i first got my 2000 tj 4.0, when I shifted gears, the pedal went in as smooth as anything. Lately, it still operates fine (could it be rainy weather?) but when driving and putting the clutch in, it doesnt feel as smooth. I wouldnt really say its vibrating but it is a very subtle vibrating type issue. It is hard to explain, it doesnt physically vibrate. The feeling is comparable to how your finger feels on the new CD case when you first take the wrapping off it. sort of like that streaky clean feeling. Any ideas?

Triple88a 05-19-2007 10:55 PM

how do you drive it?.. do you drop the clutch or do you let it out smoothly, at how many rpm do you usually start going, does the engine go way to low in rpm when you start going, do you scrub the clutch continuously when uphill (many do that),...?.. just your basic driving ways should explain the shape the clutch is in..

fr87hn 05-22-2007 05:59 PM

I let the clutch out smoothly. The engine usually goes at normal rpm when i start going but once and a while ill let the clutch out with minimal gas and it'll start going, sometimes i hear it labor a little bit. and what does scrub mean.

Triple88a 05-22-2007 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by fr87hn (Post 84464)
what does scrub mean.

like you would be in gear and rev the engine to like 2.5 k just to get going, i used to do that when learning how to drive stick since i was afraid of the engine dying (no my tj wasnt my teacher/learner car) so it would give the clutch preatty good burn.. some people call it riding the clutch i think..

i know a person that used to drive his car like he would try to hold the clutch so little to try to save it which would cause the car to jerk everytime he let the clutch go.. he would just sort of drop the clutch while its at idle to get it going so the engine would nearly die, he would just drop the clutch every time when shifting or starting off.. clutch felt like it was full of static sort of what yours feels like i guess.. by static feel my best example is new fresh money type of feel like when they "stick together"

it can be linkage that needs oil too but i cannot comment on that since i have no experience with clutch linkages

I get going at ~1k-1.3k rpm since i dont like the vibration of the engine feeling like its going to die

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