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beejman25 02-22-2011 07:54 PM

Misfire problem
O.K. so I haven't had my Jeep for too long (97 4.0 sport) and my problem is that in the cold mornings when I go to drive if I don't let it warm up for at least half an hour when I hit the gas it stutters and then the check engine light comes on. I checked the codes using the dash and got 43-43-43. Basically misfires. I went to oreillys auto parts and checked and the codes using the computer were random misfire, cylinder 2 misfire, and cylinder 5 misfire.
I talked to my brother (previous owner) and he said it doesn't do it in the summer and apparently did it last winter, but he had no money to deal with it. I plan on doing sparks and wires in the next few days as the jeep has 244,XXX miles, and I have no idea when the last time they were changed. I was curious if anyone else has ever had a similar problem with relation to the cold, and what effect could the cold have on an engine to cause misfires? I've found that after starting and driving it the first time in the day the stuttering is gone for the rest of the day, but occasionally the check engine will still come on in the afternoon, but without stuttering or any noticeable changes. In all the other cars I've had it was always noticeable when I had a bad plug. Not just in the mornings/cold. I'm hoping its the plugs, but figured I'd ask some people more knowledgeable than me who might have experienced it before.

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