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rindy991 02-23-2011 08:51 AM

swaybar and links question. loose steering
i have a 95 yj with the 2.5 4 banger i have bought recently. the help and info i have got off this site has been invaluable, and i appreciate it. almost everything i have done so far i have done myself just with the words of wisdom off of wf. THANKYOU! that being said my next project is my loose steering. the jeep is factory with no power steering. previous owner put treks body armor on it and was building the jeep for rock crawling. there is no swaybar and no links on the front of the jeep. how much do these have to do with free play in the steering? b4 i start tweeking on the steeringbox, was just curious on the swaybar as i can see some frame flexing when i have some 1 else turn the wheel. it also appears like he had put on longer shackles on the front with better greasable bushings in them.
i realize ball joints and tie rods could have a part in it also, along with the dampener shock, but does the swaybar have much to do with it? that is missing, so i thought i would start with that question 1st, as everything else is still there. if it isnt needed, ill start with the other steering components b4 adjusting the box. thanks agian guys, appreciate it!

crafty 02-23-2011 11:49 AM

I can just post based on my rigs SOA setup. I run no trac or sway bars front or rear. Worn out joints and steering shock can really make mine have alot of play in steering. Have had to redo it a couple times over the years.

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