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RainydayTJ 02-24-2011 01:44 AM

Ford 8.8 Swap from a Ford Exploder To TJ
So i blew my rear end a few weeks ago, finnally got the rear end from the explorer for $250 with disk brakes. now my question is, the bracket kits.... ive found a few, one from M.O.R.E. , one from Iron Rock Off Road, ive seen one from East Coast Gear Supply, is there any differnce.. or prefrence? What have other jeepers done with the 8.8 swap done? i mean, a bracket is a bracket, any one have any opinions?

I have a 4 inch lift with a 3 inch body, im thinking im going to drop the body lift and donate it to the local garbage station and just take it to a 6 or 7 inch suspension later.. would the 6 inch lift be possible with out having to re-weld the brackets on a differnt degree set?

chutta 02-24-2011 09:01 AM

I picked the East Coast ones on price. There is a difference in that theirs place the sway brackets up atop the leading edge of the axle so the bar will clear the pig by the abs "horn", negating the need to grind all of that off.
I have mine ready to go, but have not put it in yet, waiting on weather and getting new UCAs.
I did mount my spring perches rotated 5degrees forward to try to take the arch out of the springs, but I may have erred in doing this.
The only issue you may have on the brackets would be the track bar mount, but being that you start with 0 degrees mounting the new one, going higher won't push it back that far, so you should clear the tank easy.

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