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devous1 02-24-2011 05:24 PM

PSC Steering Pump Install Help
Well, my TJ started leaking a couple fluids so I decided to take it out of service and do some upgrades. I found a cheap Griffin aluminum radiator on ebay, so I'm replacing the radiator and water pump.

I also decided to change the power steering pump because it was leaking. I purchased a PSC pump kit and man is it impressive. I am however having an issue with the resevoir mounitng bracket. I didn't get any instructions with the kit and am going off info on the forums. I assume the braket is in the correct location by the master cylinder. However when I try to get the resevoir in the bracket the resevoir hits the evap canister.

Has anyone had as similar issue with an easy fix?

rk maxxus 02-24-2011 09:08 PM

I ran into the same problem mounting mine. I ended up welding the bracket to the side of the carbon canister bracket on the motor side. I had to drill a hole in the inner fender well for the low pressure hose running to the cooler. A better solution is to fab a bracket and mount it in the void between the master cylinder and the fender. I would have put mine here but I had an ARB air pump in this area. Good luck

devous1 03-20-2011 07:45 AM

I finally got it to fit, by playing with the mounting bracket and grinding alittle off the evap canister bracket. The power steering pump works so well it feels like I'm steering on ice. After replacing it I've found the steering gear is also leaking so I just ordered one form PSC, hopefully it will be here this week.

It took me several weeks to the the damn radiator worked out. If I had to do it all over again stick with stock radiator and fan. Here is what I ended up with. I found a really good deal on a Griffin radiator on ebay and it was local so I bought it. Easy install and looks really good, problem 1 the stock fan will not go back on, no clearence. So I order a Spal low profile fan with 195 relay. Problem 2 I can't find a place to install the temp switch that will work. After rigging up a couple of setups and spending about $40 on fittings I give up on that. I just couldn't get the fan to come on using the Spal relay. So I ended up driving to Jegs to pick up a Flex-a-lite variable speed fan controller. It was about $155 but it works great. I ended up putting the temp switch in the drain bung it was 1/4NPT. The thing wired up easy and you have the options of manual on switch, manual off switch and you can wire it into the AC circuit to come on when the AC is on.

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