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ktaztrafe 12-26-2005 11:43 PM

Gauge Calibration
I installed reverse glow gauges for a 2003 Jeep TJ Sport. When I began the isntallation I could not slide the whole gauge over the needles because of the Odometer reset button, it was in the way and there was no way to get it on with the needles still there. I took the needles off the Battery Gauge, Gas Tank Gauge, Oil pressure Gauge, Speedometer Gauge and Engine Temperature Gauge, when I put them back on I made sure they were exactly at the same spot and when I pushed them up a bit they went back to the Zero position. I then started the car with everything back in place and all the gauges but the Speedometer were at the Max posistion. Do you know why this is happening or is there any way I can fix this without bringing it to a shop. How can I recalibrate these gauges to read correctly? Has anyone else installed the one piece reverse glow gauge face set? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks !

kbart 12-27-2005 12:22 AM

Did you maintain your ground to the gauges?

ktaztrafe 12-27-2005 12:24 AM

The wiring wasn't altered in any way. The gauges do move when the key is turned to accessories, goes to full then back down to almost 0, but when the car is running the gauges are maxed out.

ktaztrafe 12-27-2005 01:37 PM

I took the needles back off while the car was running, filled the tank to put that one full and heated the engine to place it at half, seems to work well so far, I guess I just have to wait until the gas light comes on .. heh

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