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TheIceCreamMan 02-26-2011 05:00 PM

New "jeep" in yadkinville
So...I'm new to this forum. I'm picking the forum best suited for the motor which is in my FJ vehicle. Yes, it is a jeep motor. Here's the specs.

1974 AM General FJ8A, 232 inline six jeep motor, bone stock. I'm not going to go into any great detail about all the specs on it, because I honestly don't know them. That's why I'm here. Now, since CJ's did have this same motor during several production years I figured this would be the best place to some help in the event I needed to get some.

For the moment, it has not tested my mechanical ability but I am sure it will do so in the near future if it develops the same curse as many of my other vehicles. This is my first jeep motor, my first inline 6, and will be the first inline six I have ever worked on. I have no schooling under my belt when it comes to vehicles, but I have built several motors in my day.

1966 Ford Mustang fastback 2+2 w/289 k code HP V-8 (315 hp)
1994 S-10 4.3l TBI V-6
1990 Plymouth laser 4g63t Turbo 2.0 4-cyl (currently a driveway decoration...had 515 hp at one point. That's another story altogether)

As you can see, my experience varies widely...I tend to buy a vehicle because I like it and then spend the next year replacing every part on it so I can learn everything there is to know as I go. This vehicle is different it is being built with the intention of MAKING me money, vs. the usual option of TAKING my money.

So yes, this is destined to be an ice cream truck It is right hand drive, I have already installed a 2,000 watt power inverter, a very large deep cycle battery, a high output alternator, and a 32 song music box on the vehicle. I have spent the last 6 months doing bodywork on the vehicle (photo shown is the day I purchased the vehicle before any work) and have just about finished painting it at this point. I will be dropping it off within the next week or so to have it professionally vinyl wrapped. I have just now started to get into the motor. I rebuilt the carb, put on a new exhuast manifold gasket, new fuel pump, new tires, new water pump, new plugs, and new wires on it. My current projects are the in dash DVD player (no help needed there), the oil pressure gauge, temp gauge, and voltmeter. The oil pressure gauge looks easy enough (it was already plumbed), the temp gauge I think I can pull off of the heater core, and the voltmeter speaks for itself.

However...there are some thing I need help identifying. Something broke off from underneath my carb that has two wires attached to it. The two wires are clipped to a small piece of metal that used to be attached to what looks like some sort of choke mechanism but I'm not sure. The two wires were on the same pigtail as another wire that had a rather odd looking little plug on it (female plug with roughly a 3mm hole in it) which had also displaced itself from wherever it went. The motor still starts and runs fine...but I don't like rogue wires. Perhaps I will try to take some detailed photos tomorrow.

Anyways, not really any serious help needed at the moment...just wanted to introduce myself and see how welcome my vehicle would be on this forum. Hope it's ok.

ilmjumper 03-03-2011 02:29 AM

Whew, I got scared for a second when you said FJ...but the older ones are sweet! I can't help with the part IDing, BUT I can tell you that you'll probably have better luck posting in the CJ tech forum instead of the NC forum..however :) I'm awaiting photos of this ice cream truck and hoping it's going to deliever offroad! Cause that'd be awesome!

And Welcome!

Wish_Master_3 04-05-2011 10:21 AM

your located in yadkinville? where at you ride around town? not sure if you seen me but got a 05 Tj silver with 4" lift on 33 BFG silver with black soft top next time you see me if you do holla at me!

TheIceCreamMan 04-06-2011 06:51 AM

Yep, I am local in yadkinville. I just took it out last Sunday for a little drive around town for a couple hours. Stopped by the yadkin park, the YMCA (frisbee golf course and baseball field), and yadkin elementary ball field. I'm just starting to get into it as the weather warms up and will be out a lot more in the future. I am running into a problem however with my transmission. It seems to be having issues going into reverse like it should. I'm hoping it won't put me out of commission before I can get it fixed. So, if anyone has a spare 3 spd automatic transmission laying around that will bolt to a 232/258 please let me know.

You can like us on Facebook as well. We are under the business name "All Chilled Out". Post your addy in the comments on the page and I will add you to my GPS and make sure I stop by.

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