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BlueMonkeyMoto 02-26-2011 07:18 PM

Check out the SpeedoHealer @ Jeep Safari in Moab!!!!
If you are going to be at the Jeep Safari in Moab at the end of April, please be sure to come by our booth and say hello!

We all know that wheel/tire size and gearing changes result in a real're heading down the road at 60mph and your speedo is reading 20-40% off, and you have a vehicle with an ECU that cannot easily be "flashed" to correct speedometer error. So you have learned to just do the math in your head...or you're thinking about spending $70-90 in parts every time you want to put in a new gear.

Maybe you've come across a speedometer correction device that sounds like it will fix your problem. But it has daunting installation instructions, makes you flip switches or turn screws and count turns to be sure you're doing it right, or requires you to reprogram it every time you switch from winter to summer tires and back.

The SpeedoHealer(tm) by HealTech Electronics (exclusively imported by Blue Monkey Motorsports, Inc) is a clear and simple solution. The unit corrects your speedometer signal before it reaches your ECU to give accurate readings to your gauge. It also will help correct shift points in automatic transmissions.

Easy to install...easy to program...durable...reliable...and backed by outstanding support and warranty!

Free shipping this month! Visit us here to purchase: Blue Monkey Motorsports Store: HealTech Electronics, Pipercross Air Filters

Use Free Shipping code (48 states only): JUFORUM and include your User Name in the comments section! Drive safe!

Can't use free freight? Use promo code JEEPTHING for 10% of your order!

Check out our SpeedoHealer videos on YouTube!!!

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